Canadian Literature: Quiz 2

Where did the stage version of Mordecai Richler's book The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz debut?

Which Canadian poet wrote a dissertation on the Middle English poet Geoffrey Chaucer?

Who wrote the first French-Canadian novel, L'influence d'un livre, in 1837?

Whose first novel, L'Enfirouapé, was a burlesque take on the October crisis of 1970?

In which Leonard Cohen book does the scholar-narrator research the history of Catherine Tekakwitha, the Iroquois saint?

What Canadian-born writer wrote the script for the movie Airport?

What writer has been dubbed "the Canadian Kipling"?

Who was Ralph Connor?

Which Canadian writer served as an aide-de-camp to Canadian Governor General John Buchan, and as the comptroller to the viceroy of India?

Characters Ben and Saint Sammy were created by

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Canadian Literature: Quiz 2

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