In Description géographique et historique des costes de l’Amerique septentrionale what did Nicolas Denys describe?

In 1654, who attacked and regained control of Port-Royal?

What was the result of the Treaty of Bréda?

In 1668, who was appointed as the commander of Acadia?

When Françoise-Marie Jacquelin’s husband Charles de La Tour was arrested for treason, whom did she ask for help?

What did Charles de Menou d’Aulnay and Charles de La Tour fight over?

In 1629 the British captured Québec and, to the dismay of Charles de La Tour, most colonists joined the British including

As a result of a feud that lasted several years, what was Charles de La Tour charged with?

When Charles d’Aulnay promised ''quarter'' to Françoise-Marie La Tour and her followers, what was he supposed to provide?

In addition to convincing the French court that Charles d’Aulnay was to blame for the years of feuding, what else did Charles de La Tour do?

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Acadia is a land deeply imbued with history. Its present status is that of a minority, a "country" with vague outlines but a vigorous spirit. Its territorial origin follows the French colonial efforts in the early 17th century. The first permanent agricultural settlements in what is now Canada occurred there.




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