Woodlands, Manitoba, incorporated as a rural municipality in 1880, population 3521 (2011c), 3562 (2006c). The Rural Municipality of Woodlands is located approximately 30 km northwest of Winnipeg in the south Interlake region, and includes the communities of Warren, Woodlands, Lake Francis and Marquette.

The first homesteader, David Porteous, filed a claim to land in the area in 1874. Other settlers soon followed. The name Woodlands is descriptive and refers to the thick bush and stands of oak and poplar which early settlers had to clear. The economy of the area has since been dominated by farming. The major crops in the municipality are wheat, barley, hay and forage seed. Cattle are also a significant part of the local economy and a number of area farmers keep horses for PMU (pregnant mares' urine). The municipality also includes Miami Beach, a popular beach and campground located on an artificial lake.