William Price

William Price, entrepreneur (b at Hornsey, Eng 17 Sept 1789; d at Québec C 14 Mar 1867). An enterprising lumber and timber merchant, William Price, "the father of the Saguenay," developed a business empire that extended throughout the Saguenay, St Lawrence and Ottawa river areas. At age 14 Price became an employee of Chistopher Idle, a prominent London businessman. Six years later he was sent to the Québec branch of the British firm as a clerk, becoming manager of the office in 1815. In 1820 he became a partner in Montréal, Québec and London. The William Price Company at Québec specialized in exporting timber. Price reinvested profits from this trade, which by 1833 had grown to over 100 shiploads per year, in sawmills, timber limits and financing lumber and timber operations and eventually bought out his partners, forming William Price and Sons in 1855. At his death the company continued under the management of his sons.