Deiter, Walter

Walter Deiter, politician, businessman (b at Peepeekesis Indian Reserve, Sask 31 May 1916; d at Regina 7 Sept 1988). Deiter was active in the development of Indigenous political organizations in the 1960s. His first political position was as president of the Regina Indian and Métis Friendship Centre (1962-67). As chief (1967-68) of the newly reactivated Federation of Saskatchewan Indians (now informally the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations) he helped establish the National Indian Brotherhood (see Assembly of First Nations) and became its first president (1968-70).

During his tenure the NIB became a working national organization and helped to oppose the 1969 White Paper. Deiter maintained a relatively conservative stand on such matters as Indigenous-government relations, education and community development. Opposition from local and more radical factions of the Indian movement led to his defeat by George Manuel in 1970. After that time he worked with various Indigenous organizations in Saskatchewan and was a senator of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.