University of Toronto Quarterly

University of Toronto Quarterly began publication in Oct 1931 (though an undergraduate magazine of the same name appeared 1895-96). Its first editor, philosopher G.S. BRETT, wrote in an introductory foreword that it was "intended to be neither vocational nor technical"; it would, however, serve "scholarship and academic interests." Between 1935 and 1947 it was edited by A.S.P. WOODHOUSE, who firmly established its reputation as a leading international journal devoted to the humanities. For over 50 years UTQ has emphasized sound scholarship and the publication of Canadian scholars alongside international authorities. Perhaps its most distinctive feature is "Letters in Canada," an annual review of the previous year's publications in the arts and humanities, which first appeared in 1936. Since 1937 this has included French Canadian works, and it constitutes the longest continuous survey of francophone literature and scholarship. See also LITERARY PERIODICALS.