Tobie Thelma Steinhouse

Tobie Thelma Steinhouse, née Davis, printmaker, painter (b at Montréal 1 Apr 1925). Her intricate abstractions gleam through effects of prism-coloured glass, fish nets or cobwebs, reflecting the soft haze of Paris, where she lived 1948-57, and reveal her continuing search for light. She was strongly influenced by Montréal painter and teacher Anne SAVAGE. Steinhouse studied graphics and painting at Montréal, New York and Paris, where she had a solo exhibition in 1957. Returning to Montréal she has worked at the Atelier libre de recherches graphiques since 1965. Frosted glass and snow storms are Canadian motifs that now form part of her muted, restrained style.

She continues an interest in the art of Japanese calligraphy and exhibits with the school of Suiha Hiroko Okata in Québec. Her work is represented in many collections, including the NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and museums and private collections across Canada and abroad. As well as solo exhibitions, she has shown in Print Biennials in Europe, Chile, Venezuela and the US.