Tilbury, Ont, urban area, population 4700 (2011c), 4809 (2006c). Tilbury is located 56 km east of WINDSOR. It was a town from 1910 to 1998, when it was amalgamated with the new municipality of CHATHAM-KENT.

The community began as a railway stop in 1872 on the Canada Southern Railway line between Fort Erie and Windsor. By 1887 the community had grown sufficiently to be incorporated as the village of Tilbury Centre. The name was chosen because the village was located between Tilbury East, Tilbury West and Tilbury North townships, and refers to the town of the same name on the Thames River near London, England. This area of Ontario was heavily forested, and many of the first businesses in Tilbury were based on these lumber supplies.

In the 20th century, a number of manufacturers of automobile parts built plants in Tilbury to supply Windsor automobile makers. Tilbury is also located in a prosperous agricultural area.