Tamarack Review

Tamarack Review (1956-82), a literary magazine founded at an especially bleak time for Canadian literary reviews. John SUTHERLAND's NORTHERN REVIEW had ceased publication, and for some years Tamarack Review had the field virtually to itself. It filled the space with distinction until it ceased publication. Robert Weaver was the leading spirit in the founding of Tamarack and remained its most active editor to the end, although Anne WILKINSON, William Toye and John Robert COLOMBO also played considerable roles. Tamarack Review covered all literary genres, publishing fiction, poetry, travel memoirs, autobiography, criticism and even drama. The early work of many distinguished Canadian writers, including Timothy FINDLEY, Jay MACPHERSON, Hugh HOOD, Alice MUNRO and Mordecai RICHLER, appeared in its pages. It set the standard by which later Canadian LITERARY MAGAZINES have been judged.