Swan River, Manitoba, incorporated as a town in 1908, population 3907 (2011c), 3869 (2006c). The Town of Swan River is a regional trade centre and transportation hub to northern Manitoba, located on the Swan River 525 km northwest of Winnipeg. Agriculture, logging, forest products, services, tourism and transportation have been the mainstays of Swan River's economy since its founding in 1899. The region has a rich heritage of aboriginal culture, fur trade rivalry (1790s to mid-1800s) and missionary work. After the Canadian Northern Railway reached the Swan River valley a wide diversity of Europeans were among the settlers to rush to the area. Earlier settlement was delayed when a more southerly route was chosen for the transcontinental railway. From 1926 to 1958, Swan River was the headquarters of the missionary and philanthropic work of Bishop's Messengers of St Faith's established by Margeurita D. Fowler for the Church of England.