St Andrews, Manitoba, incorporated as a rural municipality in 1880, population 11 875 (2011c), 11 359 (2006c). The Rural Municipality of St Andrews stretches from a boundary 8 km north of WINNIPEG to Winnipeg Beach and Netley Marsh at the southern tip of Lake Winnipeg, and includes Lockport, Petersfield, Clandeboye and several resort communities on the west shore of Lake Winnipeg. Selkirk, Winnipeg Beach and Dunnottar are separate corporate entities.

The Saulteaux settled in the Netley Cr area in 1795. Red River colonists and HBC employees followed in the early 1800s, as did Anglican and Presbyterian ministers who founded some of western Canada's earliest churches and schools. Lower FORT GARRY (1830s) was a HBC provision and retail centre, a military garrison and industrial complex.

By the early 1900s, German, Ukrainian and Polish homesteaders moved into the RM. Winnipeg Beach became a resort community (1903) and the St Andrews Locks opened to facilitate navigation over rapids on the RED R (1910). The RM is one focus of preservation and conservation activities by the federal and provincial governments. St Andrews Airport N of Winnipeg, a satellite of Winnipeg International, is one of the busiest facilities of its kind in Canada.