Morine, Sir Alfred Bishop

Sir Alfred Bishop Morine, lawyer, public figure (b at Port Medway, NS 31 Mar 1857; d at Toronto 18 Dec 1944). Morine's first career was editing newspapers, first in Nova Scotia and after 1883 at St John's. Journalism launched him into Newfoundland politics, and politics into law. Beginning in 1886, he represented Bonavista in the Assembly for 20 years; he held several portfolios in the late 1890s and became a paid advocate for the Reid Newfoundland Co. In 1898 he was publicly embarrassed and forced to resign because of blatant conflict of interest. From 1906 to 1912 Morine established a Toronto law practice, lost his second mainland bid for election, and chaired the Public Service Commission of Canada (1911-12). He again became MHA for Bonavista 1914-19 and was also minister of justice 1919 and government leader in the legislative council 1924-28. From 1928 he resided in Toronto, writing on Newfoundland affairs and occasionally giving causes such as Confederation his elder statesman's support. He was a leading spokesman for Newfoundland on the FRENCH SHORE question and was an example of the toleration that the public showed to corrupt politicians. He was knighted in 1928.