Simon Fraser Tolmie

Simon Fraser Tolmie, veterinarian, farmer, politician, premier of BC 1928-33 (b at Victoria 25 Jan 1867; d there 13 Oct 1937), son of William Fraser TOLMIE. After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1891 and working in a professional capacity in both the provincial and federal agricultural departments, he became chief inspector of livestock for the Dominion. He also operated a successful farm in suburban Victoria. Elected as the Unionist (Conservative) MP for Victoria in 1917, he served as minister of agriculture, 1919-21 and in 1926. Although elected provincial Conservative leader in 1926 he remained an MP until 1928 when he resigned to contest the provincial election. Elected in SAANICH, he became premier and minister of railways on 21 Aug 1928. His lacklustre administration gradually disintegrated under the pressure of the Depression and internal squabbles, and was soundly defeated by the Liberals under T.D. PATTULLO in 1933. Tolmie won the Victoria federal by-election in June 1936 and died in office.