Saint-Basile, NB, Unincorporated Place, located along the upper SAINT JOHN RIVER, forms the eastern part of the city of EDMUNDSTON. Acadians settled in the area in 1785; the community is one of the oldest in the Madawaska region. The Acadian families, first driven out of GRAND PRÉ in 1755 by the British, were again displaced from Sainte-Anne's Point (FREDERICTON) by LOYALISTS. They moved far upstream the Saint John in order to avoid further conflict. Saint-Basile was incorporated as a town in 1966. It was amalgamated into the city of Edmundston in 1998.

Maison Cyr (c 1810), the oldest house in the Madawaska region, shows how houses of that era were constructed. Saint-Basile hosts the annual Madawaska County Fair in mid August. Pop star Roch VOISINE was born in Saint-Basile.