Royal Newfoundland Constabulary

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is the only major police force in Canada not to equip its members with firearms for patrol duties. The withdrawal of British troops from Newfoundland in 1870 forced the Island's authorities to replace the system of local constables with a more efficient police force. In 1871 Thomas Foley was appointed inspector of police with instructions to organize a centralized force modelled upon the Royal Irish Constabulary. The result was the Newfoundland Constabulary (prefix "Royal" granted in 1979) which eventually established itself throughout Newfoundland and along the Labrador coast. In 1935 it was replaced in Labrador and parts of Newfoundland with the Newfoundland Rangers, and was restricted to the city of St John's in 1950 when the RCMP took over provincial police duties. Its jurisdiction expanded again to greater St John's in 1982-83, Labrador City in 1984, and Corner Brook in 1986. Its strength in 1986 was 400.