Royal Naval Air Service

Royal Naval Air Service The naval wing of Britain's ROYAL FLYING CORPS became the RNAS on 23 June 1914. In WWI it was far more than the envisaged auxiliary force for the navy, being responsible at various times for the air defence of Britain and the support of land operations in Flanders, Gallipoli (Gelibolu, Turkey), parts of the Middle East, and E Africa. It pioneered strategic bombing but was not prominent in naval operations until 1918, when it played a major part in the war against German U-BOATS. Together with the RFC it became part of the Royal Air Force on 1 Apr 1918. Prominent among the 936 Canadians known to have served in the RNAS were R.H. "Red" Mulock, later a pioneer of Canadian civil aviation, Lloyd S. Breadner, Robert LECKIE, and W.A. CURTIS.