Latulippe, Rose

Rose Latulippe is one of many girls in French Canadian FOLKLORE who were supposed to have danced with the devil, some to survive, others to be carried off, never to be seen again. Rose Latulippe neglected her fiancé Gabriel in favour of a handsome stranger who had claws inside his velvet gloves and whose horse breathed fire. Just as the devil tried to put his own necklace around her neck to bind her to him, the local parish priest (curé) rushed in, placed his stole around her shoulders and put the devil to flight, restoring Rose to her fiancé. Such stories were prevalent as sanctions against dancing, particularly during Lent or on Sundays. The legend inspired the first Canadian full length ballet, Rose Latulippe, composed by Harry FREEDMAN and choreographed by Brian MACDONALD for the ROYAL WINNIPEG BALLET in 1966.