Récollets, a reformed branch of the Franciscan family, came to France at the end of the 16th century. The main objective of the Récollets was to observe more strictly the Rule of St Francis, and like other semiautonomous branches, they came under the minister general of the Franciscans. The Récollets came to New France in 1615 and were present at various times in Acadia, Newfoundland and Québec. Missionaries and preachers, they were known for their simple and austere life; however, in 1763 British authorities forbade them to receive novices, and thus the order disappeared in 1848 when the last Canadian Récollet died in Montréal. Récollets returned to Trois-Rivières, Qué, in 1888 but they were united in 1897 with other branches to form the order known today as the Friars Minor (or Franciscans).