Niverville, Manitoba, incorporated as a town in 1993, population 3540 (2011c), 2464 (2006c). The Town of Niverville is located 40 km south of Winnipeg. It is named after Chevalier Joseph Claude Boucher de Niverville, an officer of the company of Legardeur de St Pierre, who succeeded Pierre Gaultier de LA VÉRENDRYE, in charge of the western posts.

The first area of MENNONITE settlement in Manitoba in 1874 was on the Eastern Reserve, included the area of Niverville. The first GRAIN ELEVATOR in western Canada was constructed there in 1879, the necessary funds provided by a German diplomat, the Honourable William Hespeler. The first western Canadian barley ever shipped privately to overseas markets came from this elevator. The town is a local service centre for the area and its businesses include feed mills, grain elevators and hatcheries.