Neil Chotem

Neil Chotem, pianist, composer, conductor, teacher (b at Saskatoon 9 Sept 1920; d at Greenfield Park, Que 21 Feb 2008.). After the start of a promising career as a piano soloist was interrupted by WWII, Neil Chotem forged a new career in Montréal as performer, conductor and composer. During appearances as soloist and guest conductor in concert halls and recording studios, he often supported fellow Canadian composers, notably in the CBC broadcast "Music from Montréal" (1955-60). Many of Neil Chotem's own compositions are radio and TV scores. His music was conservative yet eclectic, exploring contemporary and popular styles as well as jazz. Since the 1960s he worked with many Canadian performing artists, including Maureen Forrester and Renée Claude. Some of his most acclaimed work has been recorded with the pop group Harmonium (L'Heptade). Neil Chotem taught orchestration, arranging and conducting at McGill and Université de Montréal.

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