Nanisivik, Nunavut, is a settlement located on the south shore of Strathcona Sound on the Borden Peninsula of Baffin Island, 280 km northwest of Iqaluit. The name in Inuktitut means "place where people find things" in reference to the lead-zinc ore that was discovered there in 1910-11. The area has historically never been inhabited by Inuit and is devoid of wildlife for vegetation is scarce. The sole reason this community developed is that it was the home of Nanisivik Mines, which produced cadmium, lead, silver and zinc. Opened in 1976, the mine closed in 2002 due to depleted reserves and low zinc prices. Most of the buildings were demolished and the mine site was reclaimed.

Since 1979 the Midnight Sun Marathon has been run between it and the nearby hamlet of Arctic Bay. This race is one of the most northerly marathons in the world.