Music at University of Lethbridge

University of Lethbridge. Non-denominational university established in 1967 at Lethbridge, Alta. It awarded its first undergraduate degrees in the liberal arts in 1968.

The Music Dept began in 1967 with 38 students (approximately 350 in 1990). The B MUS program, initiated in September 1972, produced its first graduate, Marcia Swanston, in May 1975. Other degrees offered in 1990 were the BA (music major), B ED (music major), and B MUS/B ED (five-year combined degree). The university has awarded honorary degrees to Murray Adaskin (1970) and Anne Campbell (1983). Chairmen of the department have been Kenneth Hicken in 1967, Lucien A. Needham 1967-71, Dean G. Blair 1971-6, and J.P. Christopher Jackson, acting chairman 1976-7. Blair returned as chairman 1978-80, succeeded by Jackson 1980-3, George Evelyn Jr 1983-6, Hicken 1986-8, and Evelyn 1988-9. Jackson became chair again in 1989 for a three year term.

The department has emphasized applied musical studies, including instruction in piano, strings, woodwind and brass instruments, voice, a selection of historical instruments, and electronic music. In 1989-90 there were tenor full-time and 21 part-time faculty members. In 1980 the department moved into the university's Centre for the Arts.

The Music Dept received a collection of books and music as the bequest of the former department member Arthur Putland. It has acquired a substantial collection of replicas of early instruments (viols, recorders, harpsichord, and dulciana, among others), has an electronic studio, and has installed a MIDI lab in 1990.

The department has established recital and concert series. In 1991 these included a Faculty Artist Series of three concerts per semester given by faculty members from the University of Lethbridge, University of Calgary, and University of Alberta, and a weekly noon hour series featuring faculty from the university, the conservatory, and students. Performing groups have included the University of Lethbridge Choir (founded 1967 and renamed Vox Musica in 1985), the University of Lethbride Singers (founded 1982 by George Evelyn Jr), Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble. The department also established a non-credit conservatory program in applied music and theoretical subjects and has offered workshops for children given by local musicians.