Moses Michael Coady, "M.M.," priest, teacher (b at North East Margaree, NS 3 Jan 1882; d at Antigonish, NS 28 July 1959). First director of the extension department, St Francis Xavier University, Coady developed a program of Adult Education involving economic self-help for the economically depressed Maritimes that by the time of his death had been adopted in many developing nations. Coady organized the NS Teachers' Union, the United Maritime Fishermen and, as director of extension, launched the Antigonish Movement. His Masters of Their Own Destiny (1939), the story of the movement, is still in print and has been translated into 7 languages. A volume of his speeches, The Man From Margaree, was published in 1971. Coady received numerous awards including 3 honorary degrees (Boston, Ottawa, Ohio). In 1959 the Coady International Institute was opened to continue his work in emerging nations.