Montréal-Est, Qué, Town, pop 3822 (2006c), 3547 (2001c), inc 1910. Montréal-Est is located in the eastern part of Île de Montréal. As its name suggests, Montréal-Est lies to the east of MONTRÉAL.

Montréal-Est owes its existence to Joseph Versailles, an important Montréal broker. In 1909 he bought 6 km2 of land in order to create a quiet and peaceful residential community. Heavy industry developed around the port and the community evolved away from Versailles's original vision.

This small municipal entity is known for its oil refineries and is looked on as the heart of Eastern Canada's petrochemical industry. It is made up of a large industrial zone and of a small residential community which is located along Notre-Dame Street in the southeastern part of the town.