McKee Trophy

McKee Trophy, award given annually for contribution to the advancement of Canadian aviation. It was donated by J. Dalzell McKee, an American sportsman pilot, who completed the first flight of a seaplane across Canada in 1926. The selection was made by a committee established by the Department of National Defence. It was first awarded 1927, retired in 1968, and transferred to the custody of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute in 1971 for re-presentation. Among recipients are C.H. DICKINS (1928), W.R. MAY (1929), G.W.G. MCCONACHIE (1945), J.A.D. MCCURDY (1959) and C.C. AGAR (1950). T.M. Reid (1942, 1943) and P.C. GARRATT (1951, 1966) are the only 2-time winners.