Lamontagne, Maurice

Maurice Lamontagne, economist, politician (b at Mont-Joli, Qué 7 Sept 1917; d at Ottawa 13 June 1983). A graduate of Laval and Harvard, Lamontagne taught at Laval 1943-54. In 1954 he became a federal civil servant and in 1957 professor of economics at the University of Ottawa. He also served as an adviser to Lester PEARSON, 1958-63, and ran for the House of Commons in 1958 and 1962, finally getting elected in 1963. Lamontagne, a strong federalist, promoted bilingualism and biculturalism and worked to strengthen the Liberal Party's base in Québec. After serving as president of the Privy Council and secretary of state in Pearson's Cabinet, 1963-65, he was appointed to the Senate in 1967.