Marina Orsini

Marina Orsini, actor (born Ville-Émard, Montréal, 4 Jan 1967) Raised in a warm Italian family, Marina Orsini studied languages before entering a model competition at the age of 15. Although she placed second, she nevertheless made a determinant meeting in the person of Ginette Achim, who became her long-time agent. Buoyed by these encouragements, Marina began her acting career by winning the role of Suzie Lambert in the serial Lance et compte. What is more, she stuck with this character in television sequels (1985, 1988, 2002, 2007, 2010 and 2012), as well as in film (2010).

Then her unfailing love affair with audiences began. She gained the notice of the film director Jean-Claude Lord, for whom she brilliantly portrayed the captivating Julie in the movie La grenouille et la baleine (1986).

A Québec favourite

In the early 1990s, the cult TV series Les filles de Caleb enabled her to shine as Émilie Bordeleau, and Marina Orsini and Roy Dupuis formed one of the most significant couples in love in the history of Québec television. Orsini later played an aging Émilie in the sequel Blanche. Other television series followed, including Sheaweh, and the role of Cordelia Viau in Les grands procès. In 1991, Orsini astonished Québec audiences when she sang in the Bye-Bye show that same year, and they discovered the actress doubling as a singer with a strong voice and electrifying energy. This soon led to the theatre in the production of Grease.

Another determining role was as Dr. Lucille Teasdale in the television series filmed in South Africa, Dre Teasdale (2000).

The series Omertà found Orsini in the role of Karen. Filmed at the same time in English, it appeared on the CBC as The Last Chapter. Subsequent shows were the series 30 Vies, Or et le papier, O, Urgences and on film À vos marques...Party! (2007 and 2009) and in 2011, Sur le rythme.

On the air

Parallel with her acting career, Marina Orsini has been a radio host for the show 5 à 8 de Marina (2011-2012), La vraie vie (2008-2010) and Tout le monde debout (2006-2008).


Orsini's career has been punctuated with numerous prizes. In 1998 she received the Lion d'or as a tribute following a decade of nominations and awards that included two Gémeaux, (best actress - dramatic series or program (Filles de Caleb, Or et le papier) and a Métrostar as female personality of the year. In 2012, Marina Orsini was inducted to the ORDER OF CANADA.