La Peltrie, Marie-Madeleine de Gruel de

Marie-Madeleine de Gruel de La Peltrie, née Chauvigny, patron of Ursuline nuns in New France (b at Alençon, France 1603; d at Québec C 18 Nov 1671). Born into the aristocracy, widowed at 22, Mme de La Peltrie was influenced by the JESUIT RELATIONS to devote her life and fortune to North Amerindian missions. Introduced to MARIE DE L'INCARNATION, she sailed with her and 2 Ursulines to Québec to found a convent in 1639. Except for an 18-month absence to help found the utopian colony of VILLE-MARIE [Montréal] in 1642, she lived cloistered with the nuns she supported. When she died her body was buried in the Ursuline chapel and her heart was sent to the Jesuits.