Kin Canada

Kin Canada, the association of Kinsmen Kinette and Kin clubs is a uniquely Canadian organization of young business and professional people between the ages of 19 and 45 who gather together for community service, social activities and personal development. With more than 11 000 members, Kin Canada is Canada's largest Canadian-only community service organization. There are over 400 Kinsmen and 275 Kinette clubs along with 25 Kin clubs (both male and female members) across the country.

Kinsmen was founded in Hamilton 20 February 1920 by Harold (Hal) A. Rogers (1899-1994), a WWI veteran. During WWII, under Rogers's leadership, Kinsmen raised more than $2 million to send 57 million litres of milk to children in Britain. Since 1964, Kinsmen and Kinettes have supported the work of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by fundraising for cystic fibrosis research and promoting awareness of the most common, fatal genetic disease affecting young Canadians. To date, Kin members have raised more than $36 million in aid of finding a cure or effective control for cystic cibrosis.

The association's national headquarters is located in Cambridge, Ont.