Kenneth Arthur Haig Buckley

Kenneth Arthur Haig Buckley, economist, professor (b at Aberdeen, Sask 16 July 1918; d at Saskatoon 30 May 1970). After graduating from University of Toronto and London School of Economics, Buckley returned to the department of economics and political science at University of Saskatchewan 1945. He was a Canadian pioneer in quantitative economic history. His first major work, Capital Formation in Canada, 1896-1930 (1955), was a study of the impact of the wheat economy on Canadian economic growth, and influenced a generation of economic historians.

His later work encompassed a wide range of subjects - from a critique of the STAPLE THESIS to historical estimates of internal migration. He was well known to students for the text Economics for Canadians, written with Helen Buckley (1960), and (with M.C. Urquhart) the monumental Canadian Historical Statistics (1965).