Judique, NS, Unincorporated Place. Judique is located 189 km southwest of Sydney on Cape Breton Island. The name is likely of French origin, perhaps a corruption of the name for Judith. Judique is an administrative district extending along Cape Breton's western shore from Port Hood to Port Hastings and including several small settlements. Known for its green meadows and many fine inlets and coves, Judique was settled by Highland Scots who immigrated to Pictou, NS, in the late 18th century in search of unoccupied farmland and finally settled on Cape Breton Island.

Judique became a prominent Catholic centre in western Cape Breton during the 19th century owing to the uninterrupted residency of Catholic priests. The area depended on mixed farming and fishing for its livelihood, but poor docking facilities discouraged development of the latter; out-migration of Judique's youth led to agricultural failure. Today, there is a little fishing and forestry, but there are no major industries.