Sévigny, Joseph-Pierre-Albert

Joseph-Pierre-Albert Sévigny, contractor, politician (b at Québec C 17 Sept 1917). Son of a prominent politician and judge, Pierre Sévigny was an early Québec supporter of John DIEFENBAKER. A Conservative candidate in a Québec dominated federally by the Liberals, he was defeated several times before his election to the House in 1958. A good speaker and strong Canadian nationalist, Sévigny was appointed deputy speaker in May 1958 and associate minister of defence in Aug 1959.

 Dissatisfied with Diefenbaker's politics, particularly those relating to defence, he resigned in Feb 1963 and was defeated in the 1963 general election. He was again in the spotlight during the MUNSINGER AFFAIR. After leaving politics he became a professor of finance at Concordia U in Montréal.