Joseph Cunard

Joseph Cunard, businessman, politician (b at Halifax 1799; d at Liverpool, Eng 16 Jan 1865), brother of Samuel CUNARD. He left Halifax around 1820 and established a branch of his father's firm at Chatham, NB, where he was soon involved in lumbering, milling and shipbuilding. In 1832 he was described as one of the wealthiest men in the province. He expanded into Kent and Gloucester counties and became involved in a bitter rivalry with Alexander Rankin, head of the largest commercial firm in northern NB. Having entered politics in 1828 as an MLA, he was appointed to the Legislative Council 1833 and sat on the Executive Council 1838-46. His bankruptcy in 1847 left hundreds out of work. He moved to Liverpool, where he entered the commission business, purchasing supplies for colonial merchants and selling their ships and lumber.