La Barre, Joseph-Antoine Le Febvre de

Joseph-Antoine Le Febvre de La Barre, governor of New France 1682-85 (b in France 1622; d at Paris, France 1688). La Barre's administration in New France was disastrous, particularly from a military point of view. Like many governors, he enriched himself in the FUR TRADE. Joining forces with several Canadian merchants, he attempted to secure the trade with the Illinois by confiscating the posts of Cavelier de LA SALLE, protégé of the previous governor, FRONTENAC. Some said it was to secure this business that La Barre launched his ill-planned expedition against the Iroquois in 1684. His troops were so weakened by disease that he was forced to sign a humiliating peace. This failure, and La Salle's complaints, led to his dismissal.