Lowden, John Alexander

John Alexander Lowden, "Sandy," pediatrician (b at Toronto 21 Feb 1933). After graduating in medicine from U of T in 1957, Lowden studied for his doctorate at the Montréal Neurological Inst. Appointed to the medical staff of the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, in 1964, he was professor of pediatrics and clinical biochemistry, associate director of the HSC Research Inst and president of the Research Development Corp before retiring in 1989. Lowden became VP and chief medical director of medical, Crown Life Insurance in 1991. A member of the Technology Commercialization Committee for the Alberta Heritage Foundation since 1990, he retired from Crown Life to work as a consultant to the insurance industry on genetics. The author of over 90 scientific and medical publications, Lowden is a recognized authority on genetic-metabolic diseases, particularly those involving lysosomes and hydrolases.