Bédard, Jean

Jean Bédard, philosopher and social supporter (b 1950). Jean Bédard appeared like a meteor on the literary scene. In 1996, at his riverside home at Saint-Fabien-sur-mer near Rimouski, he inaugurated seminars for reflective thought on Western culture and modernity. His first conference, on Maître Eckhart and Western spirituality, was the basis for a novel Maître Eckhart, 1260-1328 (1998) that came with the enthusiastic recommendation of Nobel prizewinner Ylia Progogine. An instant hit, it was translated into several languages.

Jean Bédard possesses both depth and broadmindedness. He is very open to knowledge of modern astrophysics, which according to him enables us to better understand the major issues of Western spirituality. While pursuing work in teaching and social action, he has dedicated himself to research and writing. In addition to his work on Maître Eckhart, he published two novels: L'âme dé déliée (1989) and L'il de Tchichès: la vision des bienheureux (1991), about social and community work. He is now preparing anther book about a disciple of Maître Eckhart, the 15th century Cardinal Nicolas de Cusa.