Ramezay, Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas-Roch de

Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas-Roch de Ramezay, officer (b at Montréal 4 Sept 1708; d at Blaye, France 7 May 1777), son of Claude de RAMEZAY. He rose through the ranks of the TROUPES DE LA MARINE in New France, serving in the West and in Acadia, until becoming in 1758 king's lieutenant at Québec C, the senior military post in the town under the governor. In Sept 1759, operating under instructions from Governor VAUDREUIL given the night of MONTCALM's defeat on the PLAINS OF ABRAHAM, petitioned by the townspeople, and advised by a council of war, he negotiated terms for the capitulation of the town. These were signed by the British on Sept 18 and he surrendered Québec C to them the next day.