Loudon, James

James Loudon, educator, physicist (b at Toronto 24 May 1841; d there 29 Dec 1916). President of the University of Toronto from 1892 to 1906, Loudon devoted his life to the university. Gold medalist in MATHEMATICS in 1862, he became tutor in mathematics at University College in 1863 and the first Canadian professor of the university in 1875, succeeding his teacher John Bradford Cherriman. In 1873 he was elected to the university senate.

In 1878, at Loudon's recommendations, the School of Technology (renamed the School of Practical Science) was affiliated with the university. Loudon also encouraged the federation of the principal colleges of the university, and his construction program included the Chemistry Building (1895), Convocation Hall (1907) and the Physics Building (1907). Loudon continuously promoted research and established a PhD program in 1897 although, not surprisingly, he had little time for research himself. Loudon also organized the Alumni Assn and used it to persuade the government to finance its university adequately.