James Evans

 James Evans, Methodist minister, linguist, creator of Cree syllabic writing (b at Kingston-upon-Hull, Eng 18 Jan 1801; d at Kelby, Eng 23 Nov 1846). Ordained in 1833, Evans served in various missions in Upper Canada, learning Ojibwa and translating and printing various texts. In 1840 he was appointed superintendent of the British Wesleyan mission to the Hudson's Bay Co Territories and stationed at NORWAY HOUSE. He established a thriving mission at Rossville, and his experience enabled him to create the CREE SYLLABIC form of writing. He again translated and printed materials and travelled extensively. His life and work were shortened by ill health, by increasing conflict with the HBC and by his accidental shooting of a man in 1844. In 1845 HBC Governor George SIMPSON requested Evans's removal. The Wesleyan Society invited Evans to London to discuss this request, as well as charges of immorality against him, but he died before the investigation was completed.