Godbout, Jacques

Jacques Godbout, novelist, essayist, filmmaker, poet (b at Montréal 27 Nov 1933). One of the most important writers of his generation, Godbout strongly influenced post-1960 Québec intellectual life. After studies at College Brébeuf and Université de Montréal, he taught French in Ethiopia. He joined the NATIONAL FILM BOARD (1958) as producer and scriptwriter. Cofounder of Liberté (1959), the Mouvement laique de la langue française (1962) and the Union des écrivains québecois (1977), Godbout was active in the QUIET REVOLUTION, constantly analysing society through contributions to various periodicals. His most important essays, demonstrating his penetrating mind and concern for democratic values, were collected in Le Réformiste (1975) and Le Murmure marchand (1984). Godbout's films include 4 full-length features (Yul 871, Kid Sentiment, Ixe 13, La Gammik) and more than 15 documentaries. He has written 7 novels: L'Aquarium (1962), Le Couteau sur la table (1965; translated as Knife on the Table, 1968), Salut Galarneau! (1967; translated as Hail Galarneau!, 1970), D'amour, P.Q. (1972), L'Isle au dragon (1976), Les Têtes à Papineau (1981) and Une Histoire américaine (1986).