Ingonish, NS, Unincorporated Place. Ingonish, a picturesque coastal area consisting of Ingonish, Ingonish Centre, Ingonish Beach Ingonish Harbour and Ingonish Ferry, is located on the Cabot Trail, 94 km north of Baddeck. The origin of the name may be Portuguese, named by fishermen who wintered here as early as 1521, or it may be Micmac. The Portuguese settlement was destroyed in conflicts with the Micmac and French, who later, in the 1600s, operated Port d'Orléans, a thriving fortified centre producing the prized salt cod.

By 1740, there were 54 fishing boats at Ingonish. During the Seven Years' War, the settlement was destroyed and its inhabitants moved to St Anns. After 1802, the first English-speaking settlers arrived to farm and fish.

Today, Ingonish provides facilities for the tourists who flock to the Cape Smokey Ski Area, to the famous hotel, Keltic Lodge, and to CAPE BRETON HIGHLANDS NATIONAL PARK, whose eastern entrance is at Ingonish Beach.