Lombardo, Guy

 Guy Lombardo (Gaetano Alberto), bandleader, violinist (b at London, Ont 19 June 1902; d at Houston, Tex 5 Nov 1977). His dance band, the Royal Canadians, was among the most popular of its day in North America, selling some 300 million records in more than 50 years, despite critical disdain for its bland style. In 1923 Guy Lombardo went to Cleveland, Ohio, together with other London musicians, including his brothers: Carmen (1903-71), a saxophonist, singer and later successful songwriter ("Coquette,""Boo Hoo," etc), and Lebert (1904-93), a trumpeter.

In 1924 they took the name Royal Canadians. Their New Year's Eve broadcasts from New York's Roosevelt Grill (1929-62), and later the Waldorf Astoria, were a traditional part of North American celebrations, known especially for their theme "Auld Lang Syne." After Guy Lombardo's death, the Royal Canadians had a succession of "ghost leaders" and continued to tour in the 1990s.