Adam, Graeme Mercer

Graeme Mercer Adam, publisher, editor, author (b at Loanhead, Midlothian, Scot 25 May 1839; d at New York City 30 Oct 1912). During his career in Canada, Adam was a tireless supporter of Canadian letters. He emigrated to Toronto in 1858, where he established a publishing firm known eventually as Adam, Stevenson and Company (1867-76). His firm published the British American Magazine devoted to Literature, Science and Art (1863-64). Adam joined Goldwin SMITH in founding the influential Canadian Monthly and National Review (1872-78), editing it and its successor Rose-Belford's Canadian Monthly (1878-82), for 7 years, and helping to develop a market for Canadian literature. In 1892 Adam moved to the US, where he was the editor of Self-Culture (1895-1902) in Akron, Ohio.