MacInnis, Grace Winona

 Grace Winona MacInnis, née Woodsworth, politician (b at Winnipeg 25 July 1905; d at Sechelt BC 10 July 1991). Following in the footsteps of her father, J.S. WOODSWORTH, and husband Angus, Grace MacInnis became a key member of the CO-OPERATIVE COMMONWEALTH FEDERATION and later the NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY, as well as a respected MLA in BC (1941-45) and an MP (1965-74). A backroom politician par excellence, she was influential within provincial and national party circles, leading one reporter to call her in 1949 the true leader of the CCF executive.

In BC and Ottawa she worked hardest for low-income housing, consumer rights and women's equality. She also took great interest in international affairs, serving as Canada's representative during a number of international conferences. For her contributions MacInnis received several awards, including the Governor General's "Persons Award" (1979), marking the 50th anniversary of the PERSONS CASE. In 1953 MacInnis published J.S. Woodsworth: A Man to Remember.