Wrong, George MacKinnon

George MacKinnon Wrong, historian (b at Grovesend, Elgin County, Canada W 25 June 1860; d at Toronto 29 June 1948). Educated at U of T, Wrong was ordained a priest of the Church of England upon his graduation in 1883. He lectured in ecclesiastical history and liturgics at Wycliffe 1883-92 and in history at U of T 1892-94. From 1894 until his retirement in 1927 he was professor of history and head of the department. He promoted history as a distinct discipline, and Canadian history as a legitimate field of study. In 1896-97 he founded the Review of Historical Publications Relating to Canada (since 1920 the CANADIAN HISTORICAL REVIEW) and in 1905 he co-founded the CHAMPLAIN SOCIETY. He wrote numerous monographs and texts on Canadian history, the best being A Canadian Manor and Its Seigneurs (1908). Formal in habit and something of an anglophile in taste, Wrong influenced a generation of students.