Bauer, Father David William

Father David William Bauer, BASILIAN priest, educator, hockey coach (b at Kitchener, Ont 10 Nov 1925; d at Goderich, Ont 9 Nov 1988). Father Bauer came from a large hockey-loving family. His brother Robert (Bobby) was a premier member of the famous "Kraut" line of the NHL Boston Bruins and coached the Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen to the Olympics in 1956 and 1960.

As a youth Father Bauer attended St Michael's High School in Toronto, an all-boys school then famous for its junior hockey program. An outstanding left winger, he later returned to coach the St Mike's Junior As, winning the MEMORIAL CUP in 1961. In 1961-62 he was transferred to St Mark's College, University of British Columbia.

On 26 August 1962 the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association approved Father Bauer's proposal for a national team, which would re-establish Canada in international competition, while providing its players with the opportunity to acquire an education. In 1967 the team won the Centennial Tournament in Canada and a bronze medal in the 1968 Winter Olympics at Grenoble, France. On 4 January 1970 Canada withdrew from international competition because the vast improvement in European teams made it impossible to compete at the highest level without the participation of Canadian professionals.

The national team was disbanded, but Father Bauer's dedication to the ideals of amateur sport and his success in promoting athletic skill along with education have inspired respect in Canada and abroad. He was honoured with a UBC scholarship in his name, the Order of Canada, and in September 1986 an Olympic rink in Calgary was dedicated to him.