Stowe, Emily Howard

 Emily Howard Stowe, née Jennings, physician (b at Norwich, UC 1 May 1831; d at Toronto 30 Apr 1903). A lifelong champion of women's rights, Emily Stowe taught school in Brantford and Mount Pleasant, Canada W, and in 1856 married John Stowe, whose illness from tuberculosis inspired her to seek a career in medicine. No Canadian college would accept a woman student, so she enrolled at the New York Medical College for Women and on her graduation in 1867 set up a practice in Toronto. She was the first Canadian woman to practise medicine in Canada, although she was not licensed until 1880. Emily Stowe's struggle to enter the medical profession caused her to organize the Woman's Medical College, Toronto, in 1883. In 1876 she had founded the Toronto Women's Literary Club, Canada's first suffrage group, and she was principal founder and first president of the Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Assn (1889).