Eleanor Bond

Eleanor Bond, painter (b at Winnipeg 25 Mar 1948). Graduated from the School of Art, University of Manitoba in 1976. Other studies included English, comparative religion and interior design with a particular interest in the built environment and the interpretation of public space. This is apparent in her paintings and drawings, where emphasis is placed on the impact of technological advances and urban design on living bodies. She produces staged, fictive narratives which register as some form of landscape or built urban environment. The ironic titles, however, and futuristic overtones, cinematic scale and multiple sightlines suggest a vertigo or lifting off, as if her subjects are no longer on familiar territory. In her work, architectural projections that suggest possibilities for the future are uninhabited as if in transition - a poignant parody of a world where progress may outlive its proponents.

Eleanor Bond's works have been widely exhibited in Canada and internationally, including solo shows in Rotterdam (1988 and 95), New York (1990) and São Paulo (1995). In 2001 her work was featured in a solo exhibition at Toronto's Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. Group exhibitions have included shows at THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA (1989) and the VANCOUVER ART GALLERY (1991) as well as exhibitions in São Paulo (1987) and London (1991). She has been a lecturer, has held studio residencies in Paris, BANFF and Canberra, Australia, and has been actively involved in the Plug In Gallery, an artist-run centre in WINNIPEG. Eleanor Bond currently teaches painting and drawing at CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY.