Prince, Edward Ernest

Edward Ernest Prince, fisheries biologist (b at Leeds, Eng 23 May 1858; d 10 Oct 1936). Educated at St Andrews, Cambridge and Edinburgh universities, Prince was a disciple of W.C. McIntosh of St Andrews, a leading fishery scientist. In 1893 he was appointed commissioner of fisheries. He immediately advocated a marine scientific station for Canada through the RSC, of which he became a fellow, and through the British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Toronto in 1897. When Parliament appropriated $7000 for establishment of the station in 1898, Prince became director and chairman of its board of management. In 1912 this became the Biological Board of Canada and in 1937 the FISHERIES RESEARCH BOARD - a unique and successful Canadian experiment in the administration of research by a body with a majority of university scientists working with representatives of government and industry. Prince was chairman until 1921.