Daniel Albert Halldorson, golfer (b at Winnipeg 2 Apr 1952). Halldorson grew up in Shilo, Man. He first golfed at the Sandy Hook Golf Club across the road from his house. After turning professional in 1971, he eventually found his way to the US tour in 1979. He won the 1980 Pensacola Open and with Jim Nelford of Burnaby, BC, took the team title in the 1980 World Cup in Bogota, Colombia. Skin ailments interfered with his play from 1982 until 1985, by which time he had fully recovered. That year he and Dave Barr of Kelowna, BC, won the team title in the World Cup in La Quinta, Calif. Halldorson plays the US tour full time, but as a strong supporter of Canadian golf he often plays Canadian events as well.